Traditional Dalgona recipe – Delicious sponge coffee

Ingredients to prepare:

  • 1s instant black coffee: 2 bags.
  • Fresh milk: 30ml.
  • Sugar: 40gr.
  • Hot water.
  • Tools: Egg whisk (or manual foaming device), 3 glass cups.

How to do

Step 1: Making coffee

  • Dissolve 60gr of coffee into 50ml of boiling water.
  • Divide evenly into 2 cups: cup number 1 – cup number 2.

Step 2: Whipping coffee cream

  • Add coffee in cup number 1 into the milk shaker, then use the mixer to beat the mixture on a medium level. must combine at the same time pour 40gr of sugar directly.
  • Beat continuously for 6 – 8 minutes so that the coffee cream begins to have a fine lather – spread evenly – the foam floats. Standard coffee foam cream foam will look like sugar candy – very eye-catching.

Note: The beaten speed is an important factor for the successful preparation of dalgona coffee – it is advisable to maintain a steady hand at a constant speed during the stroke to obtain the best results.

Step 3: Making Dalgona Coffee

  • Put 30ml of fresh milk into a high glass (using a low glass of creamy foam will easily spill out).
  • Continue pouring a generous amount of coffee according to your preference in cup 2 and adding ice cubes.
  • Finally, slowly pour the delicious coffee cream foam on top and enjoy.


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