Organic Coffee and the things you don’t know!

Being one of the most widely traded global commodities with trading yield per year up to 12 billion pounds-organic coffee has become the keyword to be the most popular coffee lovers around the world hunting through online platforms.

  • What is organic coffee?

Organic coffee is grown on clean land that has not been affected by previous chemicals and does not use synthetic fertilizers or chemicals in the growing process, cultivation, and production. Organic coffee farms mostly apply organic agricultural production methods so that coffee trees comprehensively grow in the natural environment. Also, the requirements of organic coffee growing techniques are very strict to be able to bring valuable products – high quality with 100% natural coffee beans.

  • Methods of planting organic coffee trees:

Currently, organic coffee plants are often applied organic farming methods – this method towards sustainable development, increasing soil fertility, and biodiversity. In particular, the use of pesticides, growth hormones, synthetic fertilizers, etc… is strictly prohibited in order to create the most natural balance for the farming environment.

In the process of cultivating organic coffee plants need to understand the techniques:

  • Good soil management, maintaining the content of organic matter, microbial activity, and increasing soil fertility because the soil is the most important factor.
  • Make thorough crop rotation, maintain natural conditions to minimize pests and weeds.
  • The growing environment needs to be completely clean, say no to chemicals because organic coffee is only grown with organic fertilizer.

Also, some farmers still retain traditional farming practices: coffee is grown under large canopy – composting with leaves – using compost manure with coffee bark to fertilize the tree to nourish the tree. Coffee grows most naturally. Although the yield is not high, the organic coffee is of very good quality, so the price is higher than the market average.

  • Criteria for organic coffee?
  • Preservation: To preserve the quality of organic coffee well, it is necessary to ensure safety at the production stage to minimize the quality changes in the storage process in the future. Especially so that the product does not lose its smell and retains the delicious taste longer than people usually use the package with a one-way valve to release CO2, avoid mold moisture for the product.
  • Roasted grinding clean: Organic coffee with very good product quality – merely 100% natural coffee, so in the process of roasting, you should not use any other raw materials – additives (bean flour, corn flour, etc.)… avoid affecting the taste – the pure color of organic coffee products.


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