Regional Sales Manager


  • Responsible for developing sales, monthly, quarterly and annual plans with the Director / Marketing Director.
  • Responsible for the profits of the Region under their charge.
  • Implement sales and output delivered from the Board of Directors.
  • Developing sales plans for each region of the region (month, quarter, year).
  • Research the market of the regions in charge → develop a detailed sales policy that is consistent with the competitiveness of each region (based on the general sales policy implemented by the Board of Directors).
  • Responsible for maintaining the existing customer system, seeking new customers (to replace or expand the market).
  • Responsible for sales and production of the domain in charge.
  • Responsible for the coverage of the product (especially the focus items).
  • Building and organizing activities of gathering market information, researching competitors to develop new products, sales policies, marketing policies…
  • Responsible for the implementation of marketing campaigns under the charge.
  • Directly responsible for deploying activation and display activities.
  • Responsible for training subordinates on the product, sales skills, market approach, finding and evaluating NPP, how to work with NPP, collecting market information, competitor’s competition, how to make reports …
  • Participate in recruiting personnel within the scope of management.
  • Check, supervise, and evaluate subordinates.
  • Develop processes, working regulations, and reporting systems within their scope of responsibility.
  • Perform other duties as required by the Board of Directors.



  • Having at least 05 years of experience in the same position.
  • Understanding the FMCG market, having experience in coffee is an advantage.
  • Having knowledge in collecting market information, competitors, customer tastes.



  • Proficient in office IT (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Internet, Outlook, Internet …)
  • The skills of planning and implementing work.
  • Management skills, training, coaching, planning.
  • Effective time management skills.
  • Skills of assigning employees.
  • Listening skills, problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to cover and summarize.
  • Good negotiating, negotiating and communication skills.
  • Sensitive to data, good logical thinking ability.
  • Skill to work independently or in groups, working under high pressure.



  • Agile, flexible
  • Straight, honest, hard-working
  • High sense of responsibility, dedication to the job
  • Other requirements: Good health, good-looking appearance, aged 35 and over.



  • Salary agreement
  • Working in a dynamic, professional environment.
  • Promotion opportunities are not limited.
  • Enjoy attractive salaries, bonuses, suitability with other benefits and extended benefits such as Birthday, sightseeing, travel.
  • Enjoy preferential regimes according to labor laws such as social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance …ng market information, competitors, customer tastes.



Human Resource/ Recruitment Specialist

HR & Admin Department



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