About 1s Coffee

Each 1s Coffee’s product contains a love story and desires to bring endless perfect delicious coffee cups to coffee lovers worldwide.



Brand Story

1s Coffee wrote the story of a new generation of premium coffee.

1st Vietnam Coffee Corporation was co-founded by Mrs. Tran Huynh Ngoc Anh and Mr. Do Le Khoa, with headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City, its brand – 1s Coffee. Proud to be the best coffee brand in Vietnam, 1s Coffee was generated and grown up by intense love and passion of extremely experienced experts, choosing from the best coffee beans of legendary basalt soils with the aspiration to bring superfine products to worldwide coffee lovers as well as conquering the international market.

“Taking advantage of success of the luxury resorts and utilities group with business network coverage whole domestic market and all over the world. Made and undertaken by same owners with extensive vision and great mindset, that’s the way 1s Coffee Brand born, grown in Vietnam fertile land – the homeland of the world’s most perfect coffee beans..”

Our success comes from quality and insight. Each coffee bean is meticulously and carefully selected from Vietnam coffee metropolis – Buon Ma Thuot – the basalt soil of central highlands with more than 160 million years old, combined with renown coffee-growing platations in the world such as Ethiopia, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, etc. It is the quintessence of quality blended with the mysterious know-how from the East and the most modern dual technology of Europe that has made 1s Coffee – The top coffee brand in Vietnam.

Our stratery is to widely cover and distribute 1s Coffee’s products to all kinds of customer segmentation. It is instant coffee products of 4in1, 3in1, pure black, cappuccino for modern lifestyle, ground coffee for those who love strong bold taste, whole bean with original flavor.
Each 1s Coffee’s product equally contains a love story and desires to bring endless perfect delicious coffee cups, which is representative of each production process researched painstakingly and inheritance of natural refinement.