About 1s Coffee

Each 1s Coffee’s product contains a love story and desires to bring endless perfect delicious coffee cups to coffee lovers worldwide.



“1s Coffee is my aspiration to gradually write name of Vietnamese coffee in a most worthy position on the world map of coffee”

1s Vietnam Coffee Corp was established by CEO Tran Huynh Ngoc Anh. From intense love for coffee, she nurtured to build up her own coffee empire to spread and inspire her passion to coffee lovers worldwide. Taking advantage of the excellent talent and extensive vision, Mrs. Ngoc Anh has made strategic decisions to gradually leave remarkable marks of 1s Coffee – The brand of 1s Vietnam Coffee Corp in Vietnam and over the world.

With tremendous aspiration to make 1s Coffee to become the leading coffee brand in Vietnam and across the world, CEO Ngoc Anh highly appreciates business phylosophy – the stable quality from the best coffee sources. Instead of focusing on the number of coffee shops, 1s Coffee’s purpose is towards product’s quality and customer’s feeling. Catch up with trend and nonstop development of market, Mrs. Ngoc Anh maintains point of view slow – sure, concentrates stabilizing quality, developing the brand more and more sustainably. Thus, the strong growth of 1s Coffee has been reflected by support, and satisfaction of millions of coffee lovers in domestic market and overseas.

Talking about the success of 1s Coffee, Mrs. Tran Huynh Ngoc Anh expresses her respect to substantial support of the government and organizations, and people – Vietnam is among top 5 coffee export countries, metropolis of the best Robusta beans, country of the most superfine coffee cups. It’s such a great advantage to enable 1s Coffee to conquer the world.
CEO Tran Huynh Ngoc Anh has completely laid her desire and passion on 1s Coffee in which, day by day she writes new pages of Vietnamese coffee industry on the world coffee map.